Sunday, June 25, 2006

We are Next!!

The CCAA has matched families whose dossiers were logged in through June 28, 2005. Those lucky families should receive their referrals this week.

The good news for us is that there is a very, very good chance we will receive our referral next month, probably around the 25th of July. This will make it likely that we travel in September. (And yes, I have learned that the only thing you can be sure of in this process is that you can't be sure of anything, but I amCHOOSING to believe that we are next. I have been optimistic this whole time and if I am wrong, I'll get over it, and next month around this time, I'll be posting with this same title again).

I am so excited, and at the same time, a little overwhelmed. How in the world can we be ready by September??!! We have bags to pack, visas to apply for, travel stuff to buy, and a baby room to get ready.

Speaking of the baby room—we have been planning to put Zoe in the room next to ours, which currently houses my closet, an entertainment center, and a huge bean bag. We use it as an upstairs den. I would be perfectly happy to just convert it into a bedroom, as is. But this weekend Jerry and his dad re-designed it (on paper). Their idea is to move my closet to a different wall, so that it opens into the master bedroom. It looks good on paper, but it will take some serious work to finish by September—knocking down walls, building new ones, painting—AAAAGH!!!! Not to mention the fabric I bought, with the idea that I'm going to cover the bumper pad and rocking chair pad, and make sheets, basket liners and a diaper stacker out of. We must be nuts...


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