Saturday, September 23, 2006

We're in Guangzhou

Today, we left Hefei and flew to Guangzhou. I am writing this from the beautiful White Swan Hotel, which has a two story waterfall in the lobby, and is located on Shamian Island, an area that looks a lot like Coconut Grove or Key West. The view from our room is stunning.

Our trip here was not without adventure, however. It started when we all got on the airport transport bus in Hefei. The bus had just started to pull away from the hotel when there was a loud CRASH of glass outside. Turns out it was, you guessed it, one of the bus's windows that had fallen out and shattered on the street below (did I mention that this bus needed some mechanical work?). Anyway, it seems that Ryan had barely leaned on it to take a picture when - ooops - the window gave way and fell. Ryan was fine and offered to pay for the window (even though it really wasn't his fault). The cost was 200 RMB, about 24 bucks. And the ride to the airport was nice and breezy.

Next strange item was when we boarded the airplane. Our airplane had convenient entrances located at both the front and rear of the airplane. This, of course, should speed up boarding, right? But aaaah, this is China! They didn't seen to care that people sitting in the BACK of the airplane were getting on the FRONT,and people sitting in the FRONT of the airplane were boarding in the BACK. Somewhere around rows 20-25 there was a huge traffic jam. And I've already told you how the Chinese people don't wait there turn, right? Well, they did not seem to care that half the people coming towards them had BABIES. They just plowed right through nearly shoving you out of the way.

We were still standing in the aisle trying to sort out this game of Twister when the airplane started taxiing toward the runway. So much for being seated with trays and seats in the upright and locked position. Well now we're here - stop 3. Tired and a bit homesick. Six days to go!

Zoe's as cute as ever. We realized today that ever since that two-hour crying jag when we first got her, she's been basically tears-free. For having her life turned all topsy turvy, she's really laid back and accepting of us. I wonder how she'll react when she meets our dog , Rosie?

I should also mention how proud I am of Doug and Katie. They've had to endure long waits, early mornings, strange foods, no Spongebob Squarepants, and who knows how many photo opps with Chinese people. They've been troopers through it all and continue to show good spirit.

Since today was a travel day, there aren't many pictures. We'll post some, though, tomorrow.


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Julie McNeil said...

That airplane flight sounds scary-taxiing without first making sure everyone is seated??? We miss you guys too- Julie

At 4:55 PM, Anonymous Sandy and Gertie said...

Believe me, we're all counting the days, too!! Come home, come home - to paraphrase E.T. ...... I loved the photo in the bus: clenched teeth, anyone?? Saw a white CRV today - miss you, Kath!!
Continued safe travel and Godspeed to you ALL! Special hugs and kisses to Big Brother Doug, Big Sister Katie and Mei Mei Zoe.
BTW, Grandpa Alan is waaaaay happy to be back in FL - probably almost as much as you all will be......
Sandy and Grandma Gertie

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Emily & Erik said...

The bus window story and the airplane story would have been enough on their own, but to have had both happen to you on the same day is too much. Glad your sense of humor is still intact!

We are really enjoying your trip!

Erik, Emily & Sadie


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