Monday, September 25, 2006

Photos from Guangzhou

What a nice place, this Shamian Island in Guangzhou. It's really a tropical paradise, with English-speaking shop-keepers and tasty food. All the shop's have English names, like "Jennifer's Place" or "Helen's Treasures" or "Ben's Gallery."

I can't go further without mentioning the laundry service. It's awesome! Same-day service, neatly folded and wrapped in plastic bags, all for about $15 for the 5 of us. We're thinking about washing everything on the last day, so we don't have laundry or ironing to do when we get home.

Zoe had a fussy day yesterday, but is happy as a clam (whatever that means) today. Here she is getting bathed in the sink. We wanted to just give her a quick sponge bath, but she plopped herself down and started splashing.

The hotel lobby here is gorgeous, with a big waterfall and pond filled with hundreds of huge goldfish. I will get a better picture and post it, but here are the kids looking into the pond from a bridge

Lisa, Kathy and Zoe went on the excursion to the temple. They say it was nice. Here are some photos they took.

While walking through the park, we saw this school class come out to exercise. THey were very orderly and walked in military formation.

Linda and I pushing the strollers on the way to the babies' official medical exam.

OK, here is a story. Our group arrived at the medical facility on Shamian Island. It was very crowded with locals getting checkups for whatever ailments they had. Rui led us to the back of the facility, into a 10x20 room that was PACKED with about 30 babies, 50 parents and 25 strollers. Lisa and Linda decided it would be wise for Don and I to head back to the hotel. Did we go? Absolutely! The women can fill you in on the details of the medical exam, but as for Don and me, we were happy to leave.

Here is a link to a video of Zoe crawling around with Doug and Sean. It's really cute, but kind of big, so give it a while to download.


At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Rhonda said...

It is amazing to be able to read about your adventures everyday and have so many of us back home "tuning in". To me, it's almost like reading an exciting epic novel. I've gotten so drawn into the story that I feel I'm part of it. I read it every chance I get but know the more I read, the closer I come to the ending. I look forward to reaching the end of the story because we are all so anxious to see you in person again and to meet Zoe. Yet, on the other hand, just like with a great novel, there will be a sense of loss. What will I do with the time I usually spend blogging to follow the fascinating story? Hurry home anyway; we miss you!
BTW, I love the idea of sending out all of the clothes to be cleaned before heading home!

At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Sandy Harris said...

Can I get OUR laundry to you????? - WOW! I have to tell you - even though it will officially announce just how ignorant I am - I am so amazed by the metropolitan areas!! I guess I thought it was all going to be less so - a lot less!! What rock do I live under???? We had the children's mass at church yesterday - and it was like the priest was speaking about you. Mom and I turned to each other with jaws dropped - and then I believe we both said an extra Thank You to Him. More and more LOVE to you ALL,

At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey madeline loved the vedio and wants to see more......
she wants me to keep playing it so if you get a chance please put another vedio on the blog
sandy and madeline


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