Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. We received a great gift--a Fed Ex package from our agency containing a growth report, a medical report, and Yu Fei's pictures.

Monday was such an emotional day. I knew "the call" would come sometime in the afternoon. I worked part of the day, but couldn't really concentrate, and finally left at 2:30. Leigh Ann from Great Wall called at about 3:30. We put her on speaker phone, Jerry got out the video camera, and I wrote down everything she said. Our e-mail with Yu Fei's photos came about 30 minutes later. Of course, we wanted to start making calls and sending out announcements, but Doug & Katie suddenly became really demanding. It was weird. I composed an email, and then spent some time playing hop scotch with them, while Jerry sent it out. A couple of the addresses were wrong, so no one got the e-mail. By the time we realized this, it was almost 5:30. I was so happy and excited, and at the same time so very frustrated that it hadn't gone out before people left work for the day. We finally got it out, but not without much cursing from me. I had trouble sleeping that night, and stayed up til 1 a.m. looking at her pictures, and reading e-mail and adoption blogs.

Yesterday we received a growth report via e-mail. Among other things, we learnedYu means "rain" and fei means "fragrant." So pretty! Linda and Don learned that Xiao Xiao means "smile".

I am still torn about her name. Yesterday we told the kids we'd decided to name her Fei Ann. Katie was OK with that, but Doug burst into tears, and said he would not call her anything but Zoe. In the meantime, we all keep forgetting and calling her Zoe, or referring to her room as "Zoe's room."

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments on this Blog. You all are so nice--they make me want to cry! I have been posting for awhile, with no one reading, so it is so fun to see comments.


At 7:14 PM, Blogger K. said...

Many congratulations! Your daughter is just beautiful!



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