Friday, September 15, 2006

More Photos

Lisa and Katie at the breakfast buffet in the Poly Plaza hotel. The breakfasts were awesome, with all kinds of great, different foods. Also, Ryan and Katie play in a Beijing city park.

Katie tries on shoes (what else) in a Beijing market. The family stands in front of the bell tower, where the Chinese people used to tell the time over 600 years ago.

Climbing drum tower steps . . . VERY steep! Kind of scary! Katie watches an artist write her name in Chinese. We got one each for Doug, Katie and Zoe.

Ryan learns to paint with his fingers. Lisa and Doug looking at one of the ancient drums.

The oldest street in Bejing - 700 years old. It was full of peddlers, beggars and markets. Our Chinese tea ceremony. Don has a really funny story about tea, and remind us to tell you about the pee pee boy!

Lisa and Katie, Jerry and Doug in the rickshaws, ready to tour the Hutongs.

Katie and Sean sitting on a dragon in front of a Hutong home. Xiao John explaining to us about the Feng Shui design of a Chinese Hutong home.

Tired little puppies at the Chinese Acrobat show. What a great show - if only we could have stayed awake. The acrobats were amazing


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Tell us about the pee-pee boy!

Ruth Ann


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