Saturday, September 02, 2006

40 is Fabulous!

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. What a day! First, Jerry and the kids made me an awesome breakfast. Then I met my friends, Janet, Suzanne, and Jolie for a 2nd breakfast (hey, you only turn 40 once!) Next, I went shopping until it was time to meet Julie at the beauty parlor for haircuts, pedicures, and manicures.

Julie and Jerry had arranged for a babysitter at our house that evening for Jason, Ryan, Sean, Kyra, Doug, and Katie. They had pizza before the babysitter arrived and then everyone sang Happy Birthday, and we had a delicious chocolate chip, M&M cookie "cake" which Jerry and the kids had made.

Then, the adults headed to Marie and Joe's where a fabulous party awaited. Jerry and his parents outdid themselves! The theme was pink martinis. Tons of family and friends came -- all wearing pink! We drank pomegranate-tinis, chocolatinis, appletinis, and cosmopolitans.
Marie and Joe had done all of the food, and of course it was amazing--pink shrimp with romelaude sauce, grilled veggies, crab dip, two different bries, Greek meatballs, brushetta, and 3 wonderful desserts. It was delicious, and it looked beautiful.

I was so happy to be surrounded by all of my favorite people, and felt honored that my friends and family had come, not only from all over Jacksonville, but from all over Florida. You all are too much!

The highlight of the evening was watching a video slideshow set to music, which Jerry had created--pictures and video from the past 40 years, truly a "this is your life" moment. Afterward, we played a mini version of Family Feud with questions about my favorite things.

It was an amazing evening. I am so lucky to have such generous family and friends. Thank you to everyone for coming and for the awsome gifts -- you made it a birthday I will not forget!


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Kelly (& Mike) said...

Happy Birthday! I am looking forward to following you on your trip to go get Zoe and hopefully we'll finally meet after you return! Have a safe trip - I'll be watching!

At 12:30 AM, Blogger chelley said...

Wishing u a wonderful day! HAPPY BRITHDAY

At 6:36 PM, Blogger fran moss said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, I had no idea your birthday was so close or else would have wished you happy birthday at bookclub. Fran


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