Thursday, August 24, 2006

Flights are Booked!

What an adventure it is booking flights for a large group! We are traveling with my sister's family, my parents, and my mother-in-law - 12 people going over - 14 coming back.

Our agency schedules all intra-China flights, so we just have to worry about getting to China and back. Well, that becomes harder with more than 10 people (like us), because we have to go through "group reservations" to ensure we all get on the same flight. Group reservation rates are not the published rates - they are "negotiated." Well, I've never booked a group, and I didn't have much room to change flight dates and times, so my "negotiation" was limited to me saying, "give me the best rate you can, please," then waiting several hours for them to tell me what rate they will charge. Bottom line - $907 per round-trip ticket, $619 for the one-way infant fare. I'm really happy with the price, but I've been obsessed with it all day.

The flight home is almost 16 hours! I told my nephew, Ryan, that he would need to keep Doug and Katie busy during the flight. He said, "Can we play hide and seek on the plane?" I said "OK."

Just kidding. I suggested he find another form of entertainment. Whatever they all come up with, it's going to be much easier with all the cousins aboard.


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