Tuesday, August 15, 2006

La Vida Loca

My sister-in-law Sandy was giving me grief yesterday for not posting much last week. She said she checks our blog every day, and expects to see updates. So, for the record, I just have to report that last week was one of the most stressful and busy weeks I've had in a long time. I am (or try to be) a part time lawyer. I usually work about 25 hours a week. I think I doubled that last week. Everything just seemed to come to a head at once, including a vehicular homicide case which was scheduled for trial IN OCALA next week. Curtis (my boss) couldn't help much, because he was preparing for a federal trial which was suddenly pushed up to this week. Then, a co-worker (and friend) suffered a serious personal tragedy. Combine all of that with the first week of school, and the China Adoption To Do List, which runs non-stop in my head, and I thought I was going to explode.

This morning, I am pleased to report that everything has calmed down somewhat. The state attorney made a plea offer in my vehicular homicide case which my client couldn't resist. I'm driving to Ocala today, so he can enter a plea. Two other difficult cases were resolved yesterday, and Curtis's federal trial was delayed another week.

So here's what we've gotten done lately:
  • On Saturday, we bought curtain rods and put up the new Pottery Barn shades in Zoe's room. They look really pretty. I'll take pictures when the room is finally finished.
  • I bought a pair of sandals and some sneakers for me, both good walking shoes for China.
  • Jerry got the care package mailed off.
  • Last night I inventoried our medicine cabinet, and went to drugstore.com to order everything we might need for our trip -- from Excedrine to Children's Motrin to Pepto Bismol.
Crossing all of those things off our list has made me feel really good. As long as I've got meds and shoes, I can travel on a moment's notice!

In other news, my cousin Greg got engaged last week. Congratulations Greg & Liz! It looks like Zoe's first vacation will be next summer to our nation's capital.

P.S. Trey, if you look in our post from Aug 1st you will see your picture.


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