Friday, August 04, 2006

Getting Ready

OK, she's Zoe again. No matter how much we tried to call her Fei, we just couldn't stop calling her Zoe. So, she will officially be Zoe Ann Yufei Varon--and it's not changing (we think!)

I took her records to our pediatrician yesterday. No red flags. He gave me a few prescriptions to take to China: Zithromax & diarrhea medicine for Doug & Katie, and Elemite for Zoe in case of lice or scabies. We still need to go back to the travel clinic for our last series of vaccinations. While there, I'm going to ask for prescriptions for me, Jerry, and Zoe.

We Fed Exed our official acceptance back to Great Wall. They will send it to the CCAA today. Then--we wait again. People who got their referrals at the end of June are supposed to get their travel approval today, which means it took about 5 weeks. If that happens to us, it will definitely be Nov. before we travel.

Yesterday, I ordered window shades from Pottery Barn for Zoe's room and an Ellaroo Mei Hip Carrier (click here to see them). Babies in orphanages aren't used to being held, and have probably never attached to one person. We've been advised to hold her as much as possible in the beginning, much like you would with a newborn. I noticed on the Herbivores' blog, that they had a really nice carrier for their daughter, Sadie, who was about 22 mos. when they went to China. I e-mailed them, so they sent me a link to the Ellaroo website. Thanks Erik, Emily and Sadie!

Katie goes to her Kindergarten orientation today. I can hardly believe it. She is so excited. She's got her "1st day of school outfit" and all of her school supplies ready to go. I think Doug is looking forward to playing big brother, and showing her around. He's also excited that his classroom will now be on the 2nd floor, with the "big kids". (Pre-K, K, and 1st grade are on the 1st floor).


At 8:03 PM, Blogger Karen said...


First, your daughter is gorgeous! Congrats!

Second--why do you think it won't be until November when you travel? We got our referrals on July 31. Five weeks from then is September could happen two weeks after that, which would be September 18. Even with a wait for 5 weeks for TA, travel would still happen the last two weeks of September. Just curious, as I have the same schedule as you and am counting on Sept travel--there's no way I'm waiting until November for my babe, LOL!!


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