Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Proud Grandpa

Marie and Joe have been sending their "impressions" of our trip to family and friends via e-mail. Here is an excerpt from one of Joe's e-mails that I particularly enjoyed:

Speaking of cute, I really haven’t spent much time giving you
my impressions of the reason for this trip, Molli and Zoe.
As a very proud grandpa, I obviously think that we got the
best two babies in the hotel (and there must be over a hundred

Their progress reminds me of time lapse photography where a
flower blossoms before your eyes. I think that when these
kids are first turned over, they’re somewhat traumatized by
the event(who wouldn’t be?) and they shut down somewhat.
But as they get used to their new situation, they “blossom”
quickly, showing “new” skills and personality by the hour.

Both are now walking, babbling (a few discernable words like
“mama”), smiling, mimicking your movements and interacting
with all of us. They come to me with open arms and a big
smile – adorable, lovable and (yes I guess I can use the
word) cute. Some of the babies here seem to have locked onto
a single person and won’t let anybody else near them. Some
new parents(for them this adoption is their first and only
experience with a baby) are having a hard time with them
crying a lot and doing what babies do.

I can’t exactly claim that Molli and Zoe like me best, but I
am the only one of our group where they can rub my face with
gray whiskers and pat my round belly. Grandpas are special
that way.



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At 12:02 PM, Blogger Rina & John said...

Grandparents are great!

I am very glad you had a chance to experience this first hand. You'll have lots of stories (as well as a different prespective) to offer for many, many years to come!


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Lauren said...

What a beautiful expression of new found joy and love from all parties. Heartfelt congratulations to you all.


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