Monday, July 10, 2006

Making Lists

I am finding it really difficult to think about anything besides this adoption. I have all these lists in my head: Packing. Things to Buy. The Room. Things to Do. I have joined a couple of Yahoo groups, and read several BLOGS. The rumors are starting to fly, concerning who will be included in the next batch of referrals, and when we should expect them. The suspense is killing me.

We requested a girl, between the ages of 8 and 12 months. In June, some people who requested girls were matched with boys. I knew we might not get the age range requested, but it never occurred to me we could get a boy. I will be happy with either one, I just want to know!!

We have started working on the room. We've cleared out the furniture and plan to touch up the paint. It's going to be blue no matter what. I have a quilt my cousin Tracey made years ago, that I never used with the other two. It has different shades of blue, and is perfect for this room. My plan was to use matching fabric to cover our existing bumper pad, and rocking chair cushion, and make some other stuff to go in the room. I've also found some Roman shades for the windows at Pottery Barn. But now I'm not going to do anything until we know for sure it's a girl. These next few weeks are going to drag by.