Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Perfect Gifts

Part of the Chinese adoption process involves gift-giving. We are expected to give gifts to various people in China as a sign of respect. Those people include the Orphanage Director, the nannies who cared for Zoe (and other children), and certain Anhui officials yet to be named. The gifts are supposed to represent America in some way.

Well we finished buying our gifts today, and I must say that it's very hard to find items that are NOT made in China. Anyway, Lisa got the nannies some Clinique makeup in a nice red canvass bag (which is made in China - we'll probably cut off the tag), I purchased a blue Florida Gators hat (made in Bangladesh) for the Orphanage Director, and I got Gator shot glasses for the Anhui officials. With the UF gifts, I just figured it made sense to get things that showcased my country, my state, and my family at the same time.

While we were out, we got matching Gator cheerleader outfits for Katie and Zoe. One day in China, we'll all get dressed in our Orange and Blue to take a picture, and post it here.

The Highs and Woes of Mid September

OK, so we're looking at a tentative travel date of September 15. A Friday. We're overjoyed at the possibility of having Zoe home in early October, and can't wait to get in the air.

But ain't it a kicker that Saturday, September 16 is being billed as one of the best college football weekends in many many years! I love college fooball; I'm a huge Florida Gators fan; and UF plays Tennessee on that day. Damn the scheduling gods! But more than the UF-UT matchup, there's also:

FSU vs Clemson, Miami vs Louisville, Auburn vs LSU, Michigan vs Notre Dame, Nebraska vs Southern Cal, Oklahoma vs Oregon . . . It's almost like New Years Day!

But alas, I am on a more important journey. Florida will play Tennessee yet again in 2007, but I only get one chance to get my daughter Zoe. And if the scheduling gods say September 15, then that is what it will be.

I will plan to proudly wear my Gator shirt in Beijing and yell "Go Gators" from atop the Great Wall. Maybe that will be enough to help them win the game.