Tuesday, September 12, 2006

blog contingency plans

We've heard that some people have trouble accessing blogger while in China. So if that happens, we'll try to set up an alternate website. If needed, the address will be www.varonweb.com/china.

Next time we write, we'll be in Beijing! Zai Jian (goodbye)

T-minus 5 hours

Our alarm clock is going to go off in 5 hours and we're still awake, getting last minute packing (and blogging, apparently) done. What's wrong with us?! Katie seems to have settled down to sleep, but Doug keeps saying that tomorrow is going to be the best day ever and he's so excited that he can't sleep. I hate to tell him this, but tomorrow is going to be long and tedious. The excitement will wear down somewhere around the third hour of the 13 hour flight. But to tell you the truth, we'll have a hard time sleeping, too.

T-minus 4 hours, 55 minutes . . .