Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Aftermath

We've been home for 5 days now, and we are all still very tired. When does this jet lag end? I'm hoping we right ourselves soon so we can get back into the normal routines of life. Zoe's been sleeping well, but has been running a fever which has been making her very cranky when she's awake. She's also not eating much at all, and is pretty lethargic. Katie got sick throughout Monday night and missed school on Tuesday, but whatever bug she got seems to have passed. Doug has been tired, but hasn't gotten sick (yet). Lisa is also not feeling well, and we're all just exhausted. With hope, tonight will be peaceful and restful for everyone.

Zoe had her first visit to the pediatrician on Monday. 6 shots - poor thing! He also said her rash is scabies, so we re-slathered her in Elimite cream to kill any remaining mites. The itching may continue for a couple of weeks, though, so he prescribed another cream to help with that. Hopefully, her skin will clear up, her fever will go away, and she'll return to the happy-go-lucky baby we had in China.

Zoe still has not warmed up to our dog, Rosie. The good news is she doesn't cry when Rosie gets near her any more. Rather, she looks at her and sort of wimpers. I don't blame her, though. Rosie is a big, black, furry labradoodle who stands taller than Zoe does. I would freak out too, if when set on the floor, a huge beast with fangs and a long tongue came bounding toward me.

A note from Lisa: This week reminds me of the first week home from the hospital after Doug & Katie were born. We are so tired, and everything seems kind of foggy. I had all of these plans for the things I would do while on maternity leave, and now I feel good if I can just get everyone fed, and stay awake until 9 p.m. It's got to get better, right?

We realized we did not update anyone on the family from our group who could not keep their child. They did get another child. A 3-year-old girl from an orphanage in Anhui province. We met her before we left Hefei. We also ran into them at the White Swan at breakfast on our last day, and she seemed to be adjusting well, happily watching the boats go by on the Pearl River.